About Kianna Ryan

Photo Credit: Dori Sumpter

Photo Credit Dori Sumpter

Kianna Ryan is a rock, pop, Rhythm & Blues, powerhouse vocalist from the outskirts of Detroit. The singer-songwriter started playing guitar and piano licks at an early age while fronting her family band. Kianna's musical family includes her guitar-playing grandfather, Juan J. Flores, and her Death By Lipstick founding mother, Jaunty Meek.

Photo Credit: Dori Sumpter

Photo Credit: Dori Sumpter

Kianna's love of Blues, Motown, and Hispanic music comes from admiring artists such as Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi, Etta James, and Selena y Los Dinos. Kianna's unique ballsy bluesy, soulful rocker vocals caught the attention of heavyweight collaborators Blue Miller (Bob Seger, India.Arie), Nick Trevisick (Paramore, Janet Jackson), the late Dick Wagner (Alice Cooper, Air Supply), Ricky Schultz (k.d. Lang, Seal), and Randy Lynch (Eminem, Kanye West). Kianna has lent her prominent voice to several charitable causes ranging from assisting abused children to animal rescue.
Kianna's powerful, passionate, gritty, and soulful blend of rock, R&B, and pop makes a lasting impression.

Kianna Ryan"IN SESSION"


listening back to an original she just recorded at The Disc in East Pointe, Detroit

This Spring Kianna will be releasing her first single off of her soon to be released EP.

Sugar Daddy for Christmas

Jeff Moore Ft - Kianna Ryan 


Collaboration with Da Heat Ft. Kianna Ryan

Give me a taste was selected for song placement in a feature film 


Kianna Ryan - "Lifelike"

Lifelike was selected for song placement in a feature film


Kianna Ryan - "Only Love"

Only love was selected for song placement in a feature film.